Rapid Evolution Within Single Crop-Growing Season Increases Insect ... 

Those who still deny evolution are in for a reality check. It seems aphids, "considered the world's most important crop pest" evolve in one month.

For decades, evolution was deemed too slow and, hence, it was not considered when studying population growth -- an oversight that needs to be corrected. Ignoring this evolution, as is not currently uncommon, can lead to predictions that greatly underestimate pest densities and outbreaks.

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Very cool and much needed research. Aphids are evolving in one season and could evolve pesticide resistance to some pesticides pretty soon. It sounds like a complicated experiment, logistically, having to determine which aphids belong to which generation before collecting them. I wouldn't want do plan that out, but I am glad someone did :) Since aphids are the "world's most important crop pest", let's hope this lights a fire under people to study them a bit more.
My professors would talk about this -- I agree. Thanks for the link too.


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