Wish I could float on open water so easily.

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Yeah water has a lot of surface tension that they can "walk" on.

This is a good article on the water strider



well I don't like the religious reference at the beginning -- just ignore that

Wow!  What a cool water strider photo!  As for fire ants- I went canoeing in a flooded prairie once and there were "balls" or fire ants in the water.  If your oar got too close to them they would climb on board.  I read an article a while back about how they work together as a team in these "balls".  They take turns under water, and then switch positions to get a break on the top (and in the air).  As if these insects need any more help!  They are a real problem where I live... we have fire ant mounds in the yard, but they are hard to get rid of without using serious pesticide.




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