Hubble Takes Mars Portrait Near Close Approach

"On May 12, 2016, astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured this striking image of Mars, when the planet was 50 million miles from Earth. The photo reveals details as small as 20 miles to 30 miles across. This observation was made just a few days before Mars opposition on May 22, when the sun and Mars will be on exact opposite sides of Earth. Mars also will be 47.4 million miles from Earth. On May 30, Mars will be the closest it has been to Earth in 11 years, at a distance of 46.8 million miles. Mars is especially photogenic during opposition because it can be seen fully illuminated by the sun as viewed from Earth."

Tis the season to get my star gazing stuff out of storage. I enjoy star gazing when it is warm outside. I'm not a cold season astronomy buff. 

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Yet one more reason why I think the Hubble is among the very best things NASA ever did!

Just wait till the James Webb Space Telescope launches in 2019. It was supposed to launch this year, but delays moved it to next year. I can't wait.




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