Members of the ASCG,

Aside from telling all of your non-theist friends of this website and/or group, what are some ways we can 'advertise' our group?

Middle Georgia is already rough enough to find other atheists, but how do we find the atheist that will want to join one of the first (and hopefully) not last atheist groups in our area that have not joined

All suggestions and ideas are great, right now we will stick with the idea 'the cheaper the better.'

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OkCupid! Is how I found you afterall. :P
scout them out on
you can find a lot of atheist groups there.

i stumbled across AN accidently. i actually knew members that were on AN that never even mentioned it.

i also used face book atheist groups to attempt to network with people in my area as well. i'm in atlanta, so i'm kind of a poser in this group, but i'm always willin to help the cause when i can.
Oh, Jared. Our local Starbucks is a veritable hub of godless heathens.
hi guys..
I am still in tech school in Texas but I found that there are a LOT of athiest/skeptic activities going on in the Atlanta area. has a calendar of places around the world having meetings. Some are serious classes and others are just casual potluck/hang out stuff.

Maybe we could ride up to an event or two up there and see how they run things and get some pointers on how to get started. Then we can advertize an event of our own for free on the skepchicks calendar.

(I will be back in Georgia the first week of October and I would like to meet in person sometime!)
Hello, I am home from Texas, YAY!!
anyways, I found some guys on Facebook interested in a local Skeptic Society

You guys want to join forces maybe?
I'll host a barbeque if anyone wants to come... we have to settle in first though, so maybe around August-ish?
We'd come!
Locos Grill on Saturday at 6pm! Check the M.A.S.H meetup on




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