This is a documentary about a comedian by the name of Bill Hicks.

You may not have heard of him, but when he was alive and touring, he was quite popular, though especially overseas. His comedy was very cerebral and very socially critical, especially of America. He was quite the liberal, he was spiritual, and (the one negative of him, IMO) he was somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. I myself am an atheist and a skeptic, and I don't really buy into conspiracy theories and such, but Bill Hicks is probably my favorite comedian of all time.

This documentary is about his life and his brief career. It's made by two huge Hicks fans with the consent and participation of his family and the comedians who worked with him and were close to him (so no, you won't be seeing the likes of Dane Cook and that shit in this).

I'm letting you know about it because I'd like to try and get it screened in Florida. Unfortunately, I can't contact the right people and make that happen unless I know people would go to it.

I was thinking about trying to get it screened at the Cinemark Palace 20 on Airport Road (near Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton campus).

After following the links, how many would go if I could get this screened here?

Below are links to some choice videos from Bill Hicks's stand-up, highlighting a lot of what he talked about, in case you don't really know him. Sorry... couldn't find an actual video for this one

There's a hell of a lot more. I think most of his specials are on YouTube, and my channel (jimmyRRpage) has a few of his shows that, until *very* recently, were unreleased (they were unreleased when I uploaded them).

Please let me know, and also spread the word around to friends of yours and such. I can only push this if I know there'll be an audience. I don't want to push getting it screened here in Florida and then nobody shows. That'll suck.

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