Metamorphosis, a film that questions evolution and promotes intelligent design is scheduled to be screened at Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, FL on October 17.


As a (former) patron of Butterfly World, I'm pretty outraged that an educational/science attraction like Butterfly World plans to screen a Christian propaganda film that denies centuries of scientific observation and discovery. The film was made by Illustra Media which is part of the Center for Science and Culture.


Wondering if anyone else is upset about this. Would be great to get some more Free Thinkers (especially fans of Butterfly World) to send in letters of disapproval, or to show up to the event and question their ridiculous lines of "thinking". I wonder if enough noise would encourage them to cancel the event, or at least make them think twice before doing something like this again.


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Almost forgot to link to the press release.

Wow a little late but wow.. really? They try all avenues to get at the kids.. truly mental.




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