I just got a phone call from the Kendrick Meeks Senate campaign asking whether or not they had my vote.  I said I hadn't decided, and asked about his stance on the separation of state and church.  The caller was a woman and a minister.  When I said I was concerned about money being paid to churches for using them as polling places, she said, "That don't bother me!" I said that the FL Constitution forbade any money being paid to churches.  She asked my faith, I said Atheist.


She said, "That explains it.  You don't believe in God.  You are a Satan Worshiper!"  Then she slammed the phone down.


Stranglely, it turns out that Meeks has a 85% rating on separation of state and church issues. 

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Thanks for the information about that. I'm in St Pete and I have to vote in a church. Frankly, since Crist is a complete opportunist, I don't think that there is anyone worth voting for in this election.
It's a sad state of affairs, and St Pete is generally more liberal. On the other hand, we do have our mayor here who campaigned on teaching creationism in schools.
Ever feel like you are surrounded by idiots? This is such a safe haven. Politicians just sicken me almost as much as xians!


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