FREE MEDICAL, DENTAL, VISION CARE, provided by R.A.M., 8 days,
Aug 11-18, at the Forum in Inglewood.

Please forward..there are many folks who could take advantange of this

RAM/LA: August 11th through August 18th, Remote Area Medical will
provide free medical, dental and vision care to thousands in need, in
the Los Angeles area. The free clinic will be held at the Forum in
Inglewood, and will treat an estimated 1,200 people a day – possibly more
depending on the final number of volunteers and participating organizations.

The event is being planned and will be operated by Remote Area Medical, an
all volunteer 501(c)(3) charity providing free care to uninsured,
underinsured and indigent individuals throughout the United States. RAM has
organized and conducted 572 events to date. Visit to learn
more about this organizaiton, and click on the “60 Minutes” link to see that
programʼs revealing story on RAM and its work. Free care will be provided to
anyone who needs it, without cost of any kind to the patient, the taxpayer
or the government. There is no income test, no insurance requirement, no
restriction of any kind. Medical and non-medical personnel will all be
volunteers; supplies and equipment will be donated or provided by RAM.

The Forum is available through the generosity of the Faithful Central
Bible Church, owners of the facility. We expect there to be 100 dental
stations, 45 medical exam rooms, 25 eye exam stations. Dentistry will
include cleanings, extractions, fillings, restorative procedures and root
canals. Prescription eye glasses will be ground and fitted on-site. Minor
dermatological and other medical procedures will be performed. Pediatricians
and pediatric dentists will be present. Follow-up care will be arranged for
those who need it, with most referrals to private sector practices and

There will be a strong emphasis on education, prevention and self-care.
Mammography, pap smears, chest x-rays, diabetes screening, blood
pressure screening, and other services will be provided. Healthcare
foundations and agencies will be invited to distribute patient education
materials. RAM/LA is a large undertaking, on a scale to make a significant
difference in this time of great and urgent need. Success will depend on the
medical and non-medical volunteers, local healthcare organizations,
equipment and supply donors, and others who contribute their time, talents
and resources.

To date, the following organizations and agencies have volunteered to
provide support: • The Forum • The City of Inglewood • The County of Los
Angeles (Supervisor's Office, Public Health Deparment, Health and Mental
Health Services, Office of Ambulatory Care, Emergency Medical Services) •
Community Clinic Association • L.A. Care • Tzu Chi Foundation • Los
Angeles Dental Society • San Fernando Valley Dental Society • Tri-County
Dental Society • West L.A. Dental Society • Harbor Dental Society • USC
School of Dentistry • Keck School of Medicine, USC • Centinela Hospital •
Catholic Healthcare West • Southern California School of Optometry • Beach
Cities Health District • Lions Clubs • Rogers & Cowan Public Relations

We are contacting other organizations in the area, are receiving help from
church groups, equipment makers and suppliers, and, of course, from a group
of hard working volunteers. Remote Area Medical will bring its own mobile
units, resources and personnel. The RAM Los Angeles event will be the first
in a major population center and possibly the largest healthcare event of
its kind ever. The time is right, the need is great, and RAM/LA can be an
island of help and hope for the many thousands who so desperately need our


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THERE! You see, that's why we don't need the government overseeing our health care. There has been and will be these services. So everyone has a chance for access to medical services. Congress needs to vote against that idiotic health care bill that will cause costs to go up and taxes to be higher. Who needs that?


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