CSM article about atheists communicating and acting in groups:

Chelmsford, Mass. - Valerie Celeste Coffey is a woman on a mission. For six years, her small group of local atheists has gathered to exchange bemused stories about the things Christians do in worship and swap tips for raising confident skeptics.

But on a recent Wednesday evening here at the Java Room cafe, Ms. Coffey said the time had come to take the meetings in hand.

"I don't think this group has a vision," said Coffey, a freelance editor who lives in nearby Boxborough, Mass. "We need to figure out what our values are."

Ten days later, something unprecedented happened: The group met over Sunday brunch for a structured discussion with preplanned topics.

The ranks of nonbelievers are on the rise, research suggests, and as they seek out each other online and in small groups, they are increasingly looking to do more than just vent.

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Great Story, and the CSM, even though the first word is "Christian" Ive found to be quite reasonable.

thanks for the post, Steve
Thank goodness others are starting to realize there's more to being an atheist than criticizing believers.
I've been joining various atheist groups over the years and have found that especially the on line groups are quick to make fun of anyone who doesn't think the way they do. I un-joined many groups as well because it wasn't constructive to hear the same tired jokes and hatred toward anyone who dares to have an opinion that's unscientific or not completely rational.
It's about time.




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