To be an atheist is to be an Evolutionist, because like all belief systems, atheism has to account for the existence of the cosmos. And Evolution begins not with the primordial soup of the young earth but with the Big Bang itself, when matter first came into existence, specifically element one, hydrogen, then, after the first stars formed and went supernovae, elements six, seven, and eight---carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. Our sun is said to be a third generation star, because of the presence of heavy elements on its planets (matter in the young universe was mostly hydrogen and helium). The story of Evolution then is 99.999 percent inorganic matter. Wait long enough and lead will, indeed, decay into gold. Biological evolution, on the otherhand, is more interesting because it produced us. And disappointing because it also produced Cheney, Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, and now Sarah Palin. Cosmic evolution is less stressful, atheism more liberating, religious fundamentalism the most stress-hormone inducing. Are evangelical Christians the most obese believers in the world? They also seem to be the most atherosclerotic because unlike Muslims who don't eat pork, Hindus who don't eat beef, and Buddhists who dont eat meat altogether, Christians in general do not have any dietary restrictions except once a year (Lent). To be or not to be.

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because like all belief systems, atheism has to account for the existence of the cosmos.
This is best summed up by Dr. Cox:
Atheism isn't a belief system; if it's even a "belief anything", it's one belief, and belief systems do not inherently, out of BEING belief systems have to account for the origin of the universe.

"Cosmic evolution" is a creationist strawman label applied to cosmology in an attempt to make those who hold the theory of evolution by means of natural selection sound absurd, and including it at all is not simply fallacious, but as dangerous as the Blue Man Group dressed in Smurf outfits drinking Pepsi walking into a Bloods meeting. There is no such thing.

The original post is fractally wrong.

tl;dr: What
Right wing american evagilism will try to eat up everything insight,chistianity must be the most greediest of all religions and if thay think youve got an opinion that differs then you will be invaded.Can anybody tell me where the war in Iraq is going or do polititions not need anymore excuses for carrying it on.When is Bush and his fanatical right wing christian henchmen gonna be sent to the Hague for crimes against humanity.
I don't think that's true. I think you can think there is no god and think evolution might not be the way we came to be.
Really? How?


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