I hope others will contribute to the issue of who we, as a group, are, but I do want to say something about who we are not.
As atheists, we might be happy to have all the friends we can get, but in cyberspace as in the neighborhood, our friends sometimes say and do things that embarrass or even outrage us.
Our policy doesn't allow us to determine who can associate with us, so long as they don't represent their beliefs as AU's. Specifically, a particular homophobic poster has listed us as his favorite friend. Charlie Checkum is an atheist and a rapper. We know him and there are things we like about him.
We don't force our members or supporters to accept modern social views of equality or modern scientific views of the determination of sexual preference, Although failure to do so is not in keeping with our mission statement.
Atheists United proudly opposed Proposition 8, and we have many gay people among our membership and leadership.
Obviously, we don't support any anti-gay rhetoric, whoever it comes from.

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I am one of these lefty radicals that seek communal solutions to social problems and believe everyone of all nations and ethnicities are my siblings. But while organizing in the name of Atheism I support the big tent. As Bobbie says everyone can associate with AU as long as they don't claim to speak for AU and don't claim that Atheists support belief in gods. Also we should require respect for all members. For historical reasons we need to take special care that groups traditionally discriminated against are treated with respect in our group. Otherwise there is room for everyone!




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