I work in many mediums, but most of my work tends to be painting (both oil and acrylic) and charcoal, sometimes colored pencils. I love working clay, but do not have a suitable studio area anymore, so I haven't in a while.

So what type of art mediums do you love working with?

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I work primarily with traditional mediums - Painting primarily, drawing, inks. I got into intaglio printmaking last semester and would love to make that one of my main mediums... until I graduate and can't have a studio...

I've been tinkering with digital art, but it just doesn't do it for me.
I haven't touched clay of pencil crayons in a long while.

These days I'm pretty happy using oil paints, sometimes painting onto shale. I also like Strathmore's wind-powered vellum finish bristol to do .3mm pencil drawings on. The I manipulate a bit digitally, but I'm still venturing into that area.

I like some of the freedoms digital gives me, but I do think it is important to appeciate the limitations and feel of traditinal materials first. Like learning ballet before modern dance, or the piano before playing deconstructed grunge guitar.
I work in the medium of music. Click on my URL and see a sample of my work.

I've been a musician for 30 yrs. Never made a dime and never really tried to. I just love it. I've got a home studio powered by Mac and Protools. Play guitar and piano and sing.

Leave me a message at the Youtube vid and pass it around.
I switch between traditional mediums and digital.

On the traditional side, I primarily use pencils - Derwent for the most part, though I still have Prisma's from before they stopped selling here in the UK. I also play around with Watercolours and Acrylics.

On the digital side, I primarily use PSCS3, but I've been trying out openCanvas and find it's a lot of fun to 'paint' with.

Most of my work though, starts off traditional and ends up an amalgamation of the two - initial line work and so on being done in pencil and inks, colours and effects in PSCS3.

Oh - and I've recently broken out into photography. I'm still an amature with a camera, but I'm enjoying myself.
Primarily digital. Photographically it's much easier, and for the commercial art I do Photoshop is more than sufficient.

I also use pencils and ink, though generally as drawings I scan and livetrace in Illustrator.
I like traditional media but I haven't done anything at all recently.

I use basic computer images just to compose, or sometimes I use cut out photo images and magazine clippings and drawings. A lot of the time (LOL) I end up happier with the work-up images than with the finished piece, but that's life, eh?

I want to add an "FYI" for anyone who wishes to get in on the ground floor. There's a new online gallery on the web, DiscoveredArtists.com , and their pretty hot to find a few emerging artists. Check it out if that's you. I know they're especially wanting an up-and-coming sculptor. So... grab up your chisels and hammers, I guess...

I look forward to see what y'all are producing. This ought to be a fun group.
I guess we can post images of our work here? or would it be better to set up somewhere else and link to it? maybe an Athiest Nexus Gallery?
I am primarily an oil painter - I got my MFA in painting at the University of New Orleans and a minor in photography. And while I'm still somewhat focused on Katrina-related works (which, by the way, are STILL relevant), I have a 4 year old kid. Focus is short. Since I apprenticed for a couple years with a fine furniture maker (sometime back in my past), I'm now mostly making utilitarian works. Right now I'm making a Hot Wheels/Matchbox case for my kid. Really, I'm tired of cars EVERYWHERE, so I'm going to be part of the solution. The problem with 3 dimensional works are that they always get so much more complicated/complex than you anticipate. I'm not talking about a Cherry dinner table commission that you plan from start to finish - I'm talking about a CAR CASE! And yet, as an artist, it's not just a car case - know what I mean? Nice to be here. Thanks.
Very classical one, pen and paper :)
I dabble in digital photography for fun, and am a theatrical lighting designer. I also build scenery, which occasionally involves things like creating an 8' wide pair of Groucho Marx glasses out of plywood and bead foam.
Pen & ink, watercolors, acrylics, oils, colored pencils, digital...
All fun in their own way...
I sculpt and make jewelry, mostly in polymer clay. I also dabble with other clays, drawing, painting, etc.




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