I work in many mediums, but most of my work tends to be painting (both oil and acrylic) and charcoal, sometimes colored pencils. I love working clay, but do not have a suitable studio area anymore, so I haven't in a while.

So what type of art mediums do you love working with?

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Hello everyone. I'm new to this group, although I've been an atheist for more than half a century.

I have worked in ceramics, printmaking, fiber arts, metal and just about every drawing or painting medium. But now I do mostly digital work. Sometimes I scan my hand-made work or photographs. I even scan objects like earrings or fabric. Sometimes I start from nothing. I also like to create digital works and then add other items to the final printouts ---everything from fabric to foil, hardware to metal screens. For me, digital is pure fun. Because I can add, delete or change any one element of a design, it opens up all kinds of possibilities for experimentation. I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Painter ---and sometimes all three in one image. I also create lots of illustrations for my atheist blog: My Thoughts Are Free. Come visit me there.
Duct tape. :)
I play in many mediums, but textile art/embroidery is my favorite. I have a couple of my stitched pieces in my album, as well as a number of mixed media/acrylic paint/paper pieces.
acrylic paintings
this entitled 'faith based inititive' if higher resolution pic you'd read 'god is my copilot'

i write poetry.

words are my bitch

traditional and digital (you know for the two sides of my brain LOL)
refer to wall post

I have been etching glass on and off for the last 18 years.  After recently being laid off I decided to take the bulk of my severance pay and buy the equipment and inventory I would need to try to build a business out of it.

 I have been a closet atheist for most of my life due to family issues but I have, within the last year came out to everyone I know.  So when I started looking for swag to express my new found personal freedom, I noticed a rather large lack of atheistic goodies other than stickers, buttons, and Tshirts.  So I have decided to offer Atheist/Skeptic/Freethinker swag in the hopes that I can help my fellow atheists live loud and proud!

Nothing but digital, I'm an anti purist

I work in a small space with no studio, no real place to work except my lap.  I like to draw in public and did a "people on the train" thing where I drew freehand pen of folk getting on the train and off and overlapping the shape of the person who sat over the position of the previous person, or just continue on with who is sitting next, like a passenger salary man arm with hobo torso and ladies skirt.  Recently I've been working larger scale but out my sketch book.  I make a photo and doctor it up what I want, then scale it up with segmenting the image through ratio.  Next I draw each section, usually on board or thick paper, but my most recent one I drew and then put layer and layer of polymer over it until it's like plastic paper.  Finally I either punch holes or attach velcro to the back.  Then it becomes portable art which is easy to store, take apart and transport to a show.  I live in tokyo, not a lot of space here.  www.lylefile.com

Hi, I'm a new member and a beginning artist. I work mostly in oil, some acrylics, some pastels. I do still lifes, portraits and landscapes.

Started traditional, now all digital: paint, vectors, 3D.




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