The Atheist Nexus Publishing House ... it doesn't exist yet but it could happen with your help.

If you are an illustrator, a cover designer or if you have a flare for advertising, you can contribute to making this very likely art-hungry marketing tool happen.

This is your invitation to get involved in something that can help us all.

Please leave your comments on this post both here in our group and here:

Thanks, Doc

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Count me in. :D
Will do.

I'll bring you up to date on everything so far as soon as I have it all sorted out... I'm sending a friend request your way, too.

Thanks Doc
I'm in- and I'm sure my daughter will be too :)
I'd like to be a part of this.
Oh! Forget to log in for a month or so and suddenly this happens XD Count me in please
I still think this is a great idea!!!!




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