Before post modernism, modernism, cubism, impressionism, and a whole lot of other genres, there were masters. They painted a lot of subjects, and among the most famous of subjects, was religion. There are still people who paint religious subject matter, but what I really want to go to, is anti religion subject matter. I am calling for artists, to take a stand, let your atheism flag fly high, and find a way to express it threw art. I would really like to put together a show of Atheist Artists from around the world. Displaying their views. Let me know if you are interested.

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I'm interested!
I'm interested.
This is something I've had in mind for a while, along with another member of the Atheist Meetup group I'm in here in London. We have also talked about an exhibition of blasphemy in art. The trouble is Islam isn't it? I wouldn't like to leave them out! And I won't allow myself to be bullied and terrorised. How to go forward?

Melissa, I like this idea/call to arms. Finding "a way to express it" might be the hardest part.

Ran into this question again recently: what is atheist art? Is it simply art made by atheists? If it's more than that, what are the common elements (if any)?

My first thought is usually the artists who make precise drawings of fossils. Obviously this is more technical than 'artistic' but it might be a useful starting point? Example: have we really acquainted ourselves with the early hominids?

Part of me still reacts to their apparent crudeness, etc., the idea that I'm a descendant of *them*. Some times I feel like a hypocrite? This see-saws with fascination, etc. (on many different levels). To me this is an interesting contradiction that maybe should be explored.

I started this discussion (link below) for other reasons (partly to show that lots of digital tools are available). Maybe it could also be useful in answering this question (or variations of it): what is our face to face or eye to eye response to early humans?

Already I've thought of a bunch of parallel questions/issues, ie. the roots of racism, etc. To what degree do theists recoil just because hominids look the way they do?

Hope others will post some thoughts of their own. :)

I'm interested! I'm working on some fiction right now that's not religious but isn't explicitly Atheist, however I have a few projects in mind that focus on the psychology of religion. I would be glad to be a part of an Atheist art project.


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