God and religion is a sublimation on the true Self. So is badart. It is like an over-coat when man in fact is the tailor. The fig-leaf in the garden of Eden had it right before taking a bite out of the damning God apple. Because the collective unconscious is a subliminal reflex it definetely belongs inside Self as it is and I believe home to the right-brain which is where the artistic comes from. (Or even where the high-functioning left side refers back to.Think Einstein ! ) Collective unconscious as home of intuition too.

I wanted to start this discussion because as a right brainer who stutters over simple arithmatic in my head collective unconscious is the great catch-all. For instance rather than say a theist is cognitively deficient and all the arguments to prove it-to take the bull by the horns and say a theist is in a state of delirium because the right brain is is not intuitively organised in regard to connection with Self (distracted by sublimation)
I think the job of the artist is to guide this reconnection One brush stroke one note is intuitively incremental to the whole end product. I think it is the artist's gift while to do the same thing cognitivly or with left brain is plain knit-picking. The end result is an impact that rings true without necessarily knowing why. The truth is very simple. Keats said truth is beauty beauty is truth. I have a re-interpretation that taste is sense-ability sense-ability is taste. By taste I don't mean la-di-dah. It could mean shite hot music too. Sound as mentally sound too.
It's late and tiring because I'm trying to re-write what I wrote alot better in the first place but it got erased.Do you get my drift?

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