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I thought members of this community would be interested in State of Formation, an online forum for emerging religious and worldview leaders to discuss matters of ethics, faith, religion and morality in a respectful and collaborative way, supported by the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue. Currently featured articles include musings on religious conversion, the worship of consumerism, and my article on the positive aspects of Humanism. Please visit, read what you like, and leave comments. Your support will help this venture succeed!
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Thanks for adding those interesting links James.
James, I just want to tell you that the State of Formation is on my favorites list. I just finished your article on meditation and I experience the very same things when I try to meditate and usually end up--giving up. When I do push through all the distractions, I feel a sense of euphoria akin to religious experience. How would you describe your experience?
I haven't got that far, to be honest! Thank you so much for reading - you can see more of my pieces here.
The links were broken when I tried them.

Apologies - they've switched sites since I made the post! Should be fixed now.



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