In an effort similar to my soon-to-be cohost Lamar, in the upcoming Chariots of Iron podcast. I've decided to put out a bit of a plea of my own. If you've not seen his thread in Scriptural Criticism I'd suggest checking it out.

Well, back on point. Where Lamar is covering theology I'm tasked with covering science, and while my knowledge of a wide range of disciplines is above average, it is by no means encyclopedic. So I thought I'd enlist a bit of aid. While our first show (plug plug plug) I will be giving an overview of Dr. Jack Szostak's work on Abiogenesis. I've got several ideas for future topics as well. One regular segment I plan to develop are the scientific inaccuracies of the bible. I'm sure we're all familiar with the most common (the flat-earth) but I'm looking for even more, perhaps some which are more obscure.
Apologetics like to quote the bible for scientific accuracy (some of these metaphors are being stretched so far that they're transparent, but that's another point). What I'd like to be able to do is grant them some of these and then contrast them with all the inaccuracies. So, if you have a favorite, please, help a brother out and post it here, I've got enough on my plate going through the hebrew making sure these apologetics aren't using convenient translations to back themselves up (oh, hey, they are...).

My personal favorite is getting striped calves by having the animals conceive in front of striped poles, even Lamarck would have trouble buying that one.

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