Science is "a Democrat thing": Mantra of the Trump administration r...

Science, according to a Trump appointee at the Department of the Interior, is "a Democrat thing." Those words were reportedly used to justify the abrupt 2017 cancellation of a study into the health effects of mountaintop removal for coal-mining. 

... Rep. Alan Lowenthal, D-Calif., citing the inspector general's report into the matter, said that a Trump appointee named Landon "Tucker" Davis had offered a likelier explanation for why a study that was more than halfway done was abruptly shut down: In Davis' words, "Science was a Democrat thing."

Typically, the Trump administration's strategy on scientific issues is to rely on gaslighting, in this case by claiming that it cares about science, public health and the environment, while focusing all possible actions in the opposite direction.

In January, the Union of Concerned Scientists released a report outlining the evident contempt the Trump administration has for actual science. The report found "that the administration has interfered with or sidelined science in 80 separate incidents over the past two years."

... the Trump administration is guided more by right-wing ideology and, of course, the interests of its rich benefactors.

 ... Chris Saeger, director of the Western Values Project,..."The corruption that has taken hold at Interior has rendered meaningless the distinction between the employees there and the lobbyists that seek to profit from America's natural resources." [emphasis mine]

image source (second text is paraphrase from Trump’s air pollution adviser: No proof cleaning up smog saves lives)

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This is what happens when inmates run the insane asylum! The internees cannot tell the difference between false-science and real inquiry. The head-fool discharges the scientists and replaces them with clowns dressed for their new roles.

Trump must be defeated, and soundly, in the next election. 

See also: A former corn-syrup lobbyist is drafting new federal dietary rules (seriously) (LA Times)

The swamp isn’t just getting deeper. It’s being ladled out for supper.

Federal dietary rules are required by law to be updated every five years. Under previous administrations, this task was performed mainly by nutritional experts focused on improving public health.

Under President Trump, the process is being overseen to a large extent by a former lobbyist for the Corn Refiners Assn. — the high-fructose corn syrup industry.

Yes, that would be the same sweetener commonly found in [...] processed foods and drinks frequently linked with the obesity crisis and increasing rates of diabetes and heart disease.

Meanwhile, a blue-ribbon committee of “nationally recognized health and nutrition experts” advising on the new guidelines contains a number of academics with significant ties to food and beverage companies. [...]


There’s certainly enough scientific evidence to make good decisions — and most experts agree on what has to be done.

Less sugar. Less salt. Fewer calories. Smaller portions. Easy on the red and processed meats.

What’s unclear, however, is whether this administration has any interest in pursuing such goals [...]

Before [Kailee] Tkacz [pronounced "T'Kash"] was paid by the Corn Refiners Assn. to influence federal policy in favor of soda pop, she lobbied on behalf of SNAC International, a trade group representing manufacturers of potato chips and other junk foods. [...]

Normally a person with her background wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the drafting of dietary guidelines. However, McGahn waived ethical requirements, ruling that “it is in the public interest” for Tkacz to help draft the 2020 document.

He said Tkacz’s past lobbying efforts on behalf of food and beverage companies “make her uniquely qualified” to help guide official policy.

I’m honestly not making that up. [...]

It's kinda like Murphy's Law, *45 will put in charge of protecting citizens whatever interest group can most benefit from their exploitation on that matter.

image source

Sadly, yes! 

I think this is a shame because salt, sugars and fats are naturally addictive, Self control and personal responsibility are more important when the food marts are full of crap.

Outrageous! I cannot wait for election time. This man has to go before our nation and the Earth burn to a crisp. 

If science is a Democrat thing, then I want every Republican who wants to assert that position to give up and forswear EVERY SINGLE THING they wear or use that has benefited from scientific research ... which will leave them nude or wearing animal skins and walking everywhere they go!  Probably living in caves, too, because their houses are paeans to scientific R&D!

(Actually I'd rather not see many of those Republicans nude!)

AND what you said includes those anti-science Republicans and the PACs they fund forswearing political advertising of all kinds. Even print technology has benefited from scientific research. Radio, television, computers, cable and satellite, the internet, Facebook, smartphones... fuggedaboutit!




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