Here's a link to a new article in Scientific American

It's just a preview but there are interesting comments already.

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I saw this guy interviewed on CSPAN's BookTV program a few weeks ago. I decided that despite his claims to be an atheist, he is unable "to leave the plantation" of the religion he knew.

I left Catholicism and needed to replace the people I'd known with new people. Bars? No; the cigarette smoke burned my eyes. Different churches? Nope; in reasoning myself away from Catholicism I had reasoned myself away from religion.

My workplace? More schooling? Clubs? Each has advantages and disadvantages. Someone told me it's about giving structure to my time. Marrying and having children would have structured 20 or more years of my time. (I did the former but not the latter.)

Rather than continue this memoir, I will assert that the author of Religion for Atheists, for reasons he knows or perhaps does not consciously know, has chosen to meet people in churches. He felt a need to explain his choice, perhaps to himself, and wrote a book.

He might write more books. I hope he finds happiness.


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