This is an article from Time magazine. Enjoy!

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Do you mean 'evolving'? Yes, we are evolving. Evolution is not the destination, it is the journey. As long as we exist as a species on the earth we will keep evolving. That is just the way it works. Every person is a transitional fossil, but we are too close to them to be able to see it!
Of course we're evolving. That's a title question for people who don't know diddly shit about what evolution is and what the word means. All my knowledge comes from videos on Youtube--cdk007, Aronra, Thunderf00t, some other names, and some random Richard Dawkins--and I know this.

Now for me to look through that link. It was tl;dr halfway through, but what I did read was essentially mild detailing of natural selection in humans.

Now, for some real edumacation:

Enjoy. Yes, not an enthused exclamation point, but a period as though you have no choice. "I hated those vids. Oh, 'Enjoy.'? Well then I have to." Loal.


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