Researchers at Oxford University have determined that 75mgs of aspirin per day may reduce long term cancer deaths by 20%. They warn that these findings need further analysis and that aspirin may cause internal bleeding in some people:

Researchers found that after five years, cancer death rates were 21 percent lower in patients assigned to take an aspirin a day -- a reduction in cancer risk that persisted for 20 years -- according to pooled data on a total of 25,570 individuals participating in eight randomized studies.

Our analyses show that taking aspirin daily for five to 10 years would reduce all-cause mortality (including any fatal bleeds) during that time by about 10 percent," the researchers wrote.

They said additional studies would be needed to determine what effect, if any, daily aspirin has on cancer incidence -- as well as the reason for this apparent effect.

The findings have been published online in the British journal, The Lancet.

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