Apologies for cross-posting I'm really excited about this documentary and I hope as many people get to see it as possible. I think "Atheists who love science" is an appropriate place to post this.

The other night on the BBC this documentary was broadcast that tied together, Chaos theory, Mandelbrot fractal patterns, and evolution.

As someone interested in science and mathematics and all that good stuff it is a joy to have a decent science documentary without the condescension, that paints a 'big picture' by bringing together lots of disparate ideas and science history.

As an atheist on A|N I've never been more convinced that we live in a universe devoid of gods. Truly the beauty of nature is emergent.

It really is worth seeing - so I invite you to view the videos at my discussion page and then leave a comment below.



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i saw it. bbc have the best documentaries in the world!!!
There's good ones and there are some not so good ones, but the good ones are really good.

BBC4 excels itself regularly.

I'm looking forward to the new Geology series starting up on Tuesday (9.00pm BBC2) with Iain Stewart expounding once more his thesis that society, culture and geology are intimately connected.
BBC4 also has a one off about Chemistry same time next week which should be good.
Will definitely check it out.

Fractals make my brain hurt. But in a good way.
Don't Panic. The fractal stuff is mostly big-picture painting. but it's the tying together of ideas I found most significant.


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