Sandia National Laboratories distinguished technical staff member Juan Elizondo-Decanini...developed a new configuration for neutron generators by turning from conventional cylindrical tubes to the flat geometry of computer chips. For size comparison, small neutron generators, which are like mini accelerators, are 1 to 2 inches in diameter, he said.

"The idea of a computer chip-shaped neutron source -- compact, simple and inexpensive to mass-produce -- opens the door for a host of applications," Elizondo-Decanini said.

The most practical, and the most likely to be near-term, would be a tiny medical neutron source implanted close to a tumor that would allow cancer patients to receive a low neutron dose over a long period at home instead of having to be treated at a hospital, he said. [emphasis mine]

Neutron Generation: Going from Tubes to Chips

Can the Star Trek medical tricorder be far behind?

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I hope so .. wouldn't a tricorder be awesome technology!




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