I just saw a video of Ken Ham indoctrinating the young in an attempt to ensure a life of ignorance and isolation from reality.  A thought struck me as I watched him prattle on about dinosaurs.  Many different fossils of extinct creatures have been found over the last century.  If all of these creatures were supposed to co-habitate (according to the young-earthers), wouldnt they completely swamp their ecology?  How could any environment possibly contain the breath-taking array of creatures which were supposed to exist in the same place at the same time?

Has anyone heard of any statements, facts, or figures relating to the staggering diversity of life in the fossil record?


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Addressing your question of how a Creationist/Young-Earth stooge explains so many species living on the planet at once, it's quite simple: Magic. God did it.

They don't believe that 6.5 billion people snorting up resources like Lindsay Lohan at a drug party can possibly have an ounce of negative effect on the environment. Oil, trees, fresh water, edible plants and animals; all limitless and will always be replenished like Jesus feeding the masses with 2 loaves and 5 fishes. So what's a few trillion species living on earth at the same time?

That, and my principle theory on why they can't grasp simple science is that numbers like "billion" and "trillion" are too big for their tiny minds to grasp. It's a problem they are all but incapable of thinking about, so they don't think about it.

The greater mystery to me is how, if there were meat-eating dinosaurs the size of aircraft carriers running around since Adam and Eve, the bible neglects to mention this.
They dont care about resources because they are waiting for it all to end in firery judgement. The sooner we all face the end, the sooner they get to spend eternity bowing and scraping as eternal yes men. I dont know how the idea of spending eternity with my nose in some celestial dictators ass sounded like a great deal.




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