A study lead by the American Cancer Society involving more than 968,000 subjects over 26 years has determined that caffeinated coffee drinking significantly reduces the risk of death from oral and throat cancer. As little as one cup per day reduces the risk by 26%. Per the article:


After adjusting for smoking, alcohol consumption and other factors, the researchers found that the risk of death from oral or throat cancer was 26 percent lower among those who drank one cup a day, 33 percent lower among those who drank two to three cups daily, and 50 percent lower among those who drank four to six cups daily, compared with those who drank no caffeinated coffee. There was a barely significant association of decaffeinated coffee with reduced risk, and no link at all to tea. The report was posted online this month in The American Journal of Epidemiology.



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There's so many factors to people's diets you can make anything look good depending on how the study is set up and who is paying for it. That's where they get the lying statistics for meat and dairy products. The problem with the cancer society is that they're trying to allow people to keep eating animal products without the consequences instead of just recommending a vegan lifestyle for people. It's ridiculous! Go vegan! :-)

starbucks has a super good cup of blonde roast/ black.. my goodness zoooom.. 




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