I want to know what you all think about the preponderance of psuedoscience in the modern world. Even on this wonderful website, I see people wanting to talk about Aliens, Ghosts, and ESP. Why are so many willing to spend so much time on these things when there is no evidence of thier existence? Why is superstition so prevalent in the age of reason?

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Well, first of all, let's not treat it like a modern phenomenon. A hundred years ago people were having seances and going to health resorts for yogurt enemas. We've changed very little, and it is discouraging. People want to believe the unprovable, and disavow the provable (like evolution).


If you want good info on pseudosciece, check out the group No Nonsense.

Like the creepy avatar, btw. You might like Oh, the Horror, too.

My point was that nowadays, with the internet, people have the ability to look up the facts and analyze them in a mathematical objective manner, but they still insist in believing things that just aren't true.


That's true, but that may also be part of the problem. Are there more natural disasters now than there used to be? Not likely. However, every time we go to yahoo.com you can find an "earthquake in..." or whatever. We're so plugged in that we are, perhaps, more aware of these things than we used to be.


Another problem with all the info is that there is just so much of it. It is overwhelming, and if you're critical in your approach to gathering info, you'll know that just because it is on a website, that that doesn't make it necessarily true -- so you need additional info/statistics to corroborate it, and that takes time.


I totally see what you're saying, but it seems to me that it is a mixture of both good and bad.


I wasn't calling you creppy, btw. : P

Oh, the Horror is the horror movie group on this site. Not much activity, besides me though.


I totally know what you mean. I know people who completely believe every bit of nonsense that is forwarded to their email. Then we have things like Fox News and the idiots who swallow that BS lock, stock, and barrel. It is disgusting and frustrating. Critical thinking is not valued at all.

Is this the age of reason or the edge?
There's a rule about writing fiction, it's EASIER to make up crap that's interesting than to write within the bounds of reality. It's just so cheap to churn out quantities of dramatic hokum, no fact checking required. You could probably make up a dozen stories yourself, in ten minutes. Audiences are suckers for interesting stories that violate everyday reality.
It has always been this way. Humanity by and large is still primative, it's in our genes!




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