My dad is a chiropractor who graduated from Parker College. He has gone to multiple meetings where he learns different techniques for how to treat patients. We recently talked about some of the things that he had learned and he brought up the topic of homeopathy. Every where I looked homeopathy is viewed as a pseudoscience. I have no degree in any medical field but my skeptic attitude is putting me in a bind. On the one hand I know that my dad takes this issue seriously ( though he admits that he doesn't know if this could be a placebo effect or not) So I want to see this field as having some value outside of the placebo effect. On the other hand I can't just accept something purely on emotional grounds since I have to have legitimate peer reviewed evidence to back up a claim.Is there any legitimacy to homeopathy? Does anybody know if there is any legitimacy to this field at all? 



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Someone once calculated that every person on Earth could take a dose of a homeopathic medicine once per hour for a thousand years before anyone had a statistically significant chance of getting one molecule of the active ingredient. (Actually, it's been a while - it might have been one hundred thousand years...)


In fact, homeopathic medicine is at its most believeable of you accept it as a magickal endeavour - the procedures are recognizable as spell rituals, and thus actually become less believable when technological methods are applied.

Homeopathy has no sensible claim to legitimacy.

Here is a YouTube video with Richard Dawkins speaking on the subject:



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