This makes me incredibly sad. When I was a theist, I still didn't believe this. What are your feelings on this video? 

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Adults lying to children who have no intellectual means to realize that they are not only being lied to, but being indoctrinated and, frankly, brainwashed. These jackasses do this to kids because it's the foot in the door to sustain their superstition and with it, their power base. They would never try such a tactic on informed adults; they'd get laughed out of the room, but kids? Why not?

If they're having assemblies in their churches where evolution is being disparaged and subject to misinformation, the schools themselves should be geared to counter such action at a level which the kids can accept and comprehend reasonably easily.

The lie has to be STOPPED.
Ah, the idiots that brought us the Creation Museum.
The very ones, Stephen, or their mutant cousins... :-P
Nope, the very ones...the guy in the exploration gear is in videos at the museum, and of course Ken Ham runs the damn place.
Yeah, gotta watch out for those "educated, progressive movements" and protect the children from them.

I've always been uncomfortable with Dawkins' characterization of childhood religious education as child abuse ... but things like this are wearing down my resistance.
Not sad... Disgusted. What that video displays is pure child abuse. What is sad is the parents of the children. Pathetic, miss-informed drones of an uninspired, out of date sky god cult who actually have the opportunity to know better but are to lazy to learn. While I am an anti-theist (as opposed to atheist), my method with my children is to allow them the room to think free, question every thing and examine the evidence. If they go to church, and they do, I ask them to consider that is being said with incredulity and with a skeptics eye and weigh the likelihood of such tripe. It is hard to teach children concepts such as Darwinian Evolutionary "Law", yes I said Law for there will never be rabbit fossils found in the Cambrian, but if we parents do not do it, who will? certainly not the American public school system and that is what is really sad.
I agree that it is child abuse. I was "abused" to the point that I spent a good part of my life thinking I was an abomination. That is a big burden to carry. Poor kids.
My best friend grew up in Michigan, but life happened and he ended up in Alabama. He was pressured to join a church, then when he joined a church, they used fear of being condemned, guilt of being sinful, and other tactics to evangelize him and his family. I think that people who believe what they were taught as kids by the preachers in the bible belt, do so because of fear and guilt. That fear and guilt drive them to do things we don't agree with including passing on the fear and guilt to their children. Sorta like child beaters' children become child beaters themselves.

As a parent, my emotions drive me to do the best that I know how for my children. I feel the people in the bible belt are just driven to do the best they know how for their children.

The only way I know how to break this tradition of passing the fear and guilt to the children is by educating everyone (children and adults) how Science is the culmination of human knowledge so far, and has a principle that if something newly learned is true, this fact causes an old view to be now considered wrong, and that we will throw out the wrong notion and adapt the new knowledge.

Faith only allows for the continuation of the fear and guilt. And fear makes you do things you normally wouldn't do.




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