Why would Saudi Arabia grant citizenship to a female-like robot? It sounds like a stunt to me.

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The whims of a rich king. Without the thought of what it means nor what precedent it provides.

Sophia and her kind will be programmed to not talk back to their masters.

They will also be unable to throw tantrums, whether monthly or more often.

Amazing! Note that Sophia is not shown moving around and that her extraordinary development is her neck and face. In these areas she is almost human. I would call her a prototype to show us all what is possible. In the future we will see beings like her that are 100% AI and look almost like us. Should they be a "citizen?" It appears to me that the idea of "citizen" here is to prevent bad treatment of them. Such robotics as this will have millions of dollars invested for their creation and that investment has to be protected. In this way the robotic AI will have almost human like "rights."

Why is Saudi Arabia granting this citizenship? Well, it will have to start somewhere. The future is now, but it is almost overwhelming.

I'm sure it's a stunt.  No android is yet self-aware, so don't need rights.  When they are self-aware, I think they should have all the rights humans deserve, including citizenship.

Not germane to the discussion, but I like to call these creations androids, not robots because they are humanoid robots. 

I find her creepy, but the man even more so.


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