Researchers at the University of East Anglia have discovered a gene called WWP2 that is responsible for the spreading of many types of cancer. The gene provides for the spreading of cancer by breaking down the immune system's defense against the spreading. It is hoped that methods will be developed to suppress the gene thereby arresting terminal progressions of even late stages of many types of cancer. The findings have been published in the 1-24-11 issue of the journal, Oncogene.

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VERY COOL BEANS!  Doubtless someone's going after the OFF switch for said gene ... and if this gene isn't found in healthy cells, maybe something to target and eliminate the cell altogether!

Evidence shows that airborne pollution causes DNA mutations resulting in cancer

and depleted uranium fires cause chromosome damage


A couple of years ago the NIH requested funding from congress to study 100,000 people from conception to death to determine what broken strands in the DNA helix caused particular disease. The funding was denied.

The Fetal Basis of Adult Disease: Role of The Environment

That's a shame. I am in favor of this type of research.


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