An experimental vaccine prevented HIV infections for the first time, a breakthrough that eluded scientists for a quarter century.

A U.S.-funded study involving more than 16,000 volunteers in Thailand found that a combination of ALVAC, made by Paris- based Sanofi-Aventis SA, and AIDSVAX, from VaxGen Inc., of South San Francisco, cut infections by 31.2 percent in the people who received it compared with those on a placebo, scientists said today in Bangkok. Neither vaccine had stopped the virus that causes AIDS when tested separately in previous studies.


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Awesome. Hopefully they'll be able to improve this in the future, but 31.2% reduction is a pretty great starting point.
I wonder how they accurately control for behavior and exposure in experiments like this. I'm assuming they weren't injecting people with HIV to see if they could fight it off.
My friend Abby is an HIV researcher. You might want to check out her blog before jumping for joy about new treatments or vaccines for HIV. If anyone knows the truth, she will. It's her job to know what's going on in the HIV research world. Any progress is good but we're a long way off from having a working vaccine or a cure.




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