On another site some women claimed she could read auras. Someone else said it was silly. She was reprimanded by another women who said it was scientifically proven based on electromagnetic fields and energy that people give off. I asked said women to provide a credible link/book/something to reinforce her statement. She has yet to write back, but I was just wondering is this scientifically proven? Or is she, as I suspect, full of crap? TYIA for any insight any of you may have into this. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, I'm truly interested.

P.S.-I'm about to google this but my google abilities are pretty shabby so responses are still welcome. 

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Hello Kelli,

 Here is a link to the Skeptics dictionary:


Good article, Mike. Thanks for posting.

Very interesting link. Thanks for posting. I have heard of epileptics who see "auras" right before they go into a seizure. I had a feeling though that this woman was full of it when it comes to seeing peoples "auras." Either that or she has temporal lobe epilepsy. :-)

From what little reading I have done the answer is no. There is lots of people like the ones you speak of that claim there is proof, but I find no one that can produce that proof. I think it is one of those silly ideas that people latch on to that are either too thick, or just too lazy to look for the truth. I was never into heavy drugs but back in my younger day I had fun with all my friends that got high, I would act scared and tell them I saw something horrible outside the window near the woods Before the night was over I would have a half dozen people who claimed to have seen it and could describe it in detail. I did this little experiment several times and it always worked the same. The aura thing is the same I dombelieve. One person claims to have seen it and all the other weak minded sheep follow with their own versions. I think religion works the same way. 

I have never thought of religion in that way. I'm certain there is a word for this in psychology. Placebo effect comes to mind. Not sure if that's the right term I'm thinking of. Thanks for your input!

She is, as you suspect, full of crap. This is actually just my opinion, but (of course) the burden of proof is on her.

My thoughts exactly. I just wanted to be 100% sure I wasn't missing something.

The woman in question still has not responded to my request for credible proof.

Love the article, thanks so much for sharing!

Crap. Pure and simple. However, there is something called Kirilian photography, that captures the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges that surrounds objects that is scientific, but has been appropriated by the psuedoscientific community as photos of a persons "aura".

Kirilian photo of the human body. Another kirilian photo below;

Now, just so you don't think it is only with people, or living organism, picture of a key;


You found the key of infallible knowledge! Wonder where it goes?

Sorry it took me so long to respond all. I am new to this site. If anyone could kindly tell me how to get to my comments on my profile without having to go through my email, it would be greatly appreciated. I've never been one for technology and I must admit that the navigation of this baffles me.




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