At this link you will find a letter that denounces NASA's support of Climate Change having human activity as a major cause:

On that webpage you can find a link to the report regarding this letter.

If their motive is looked at carefully, what would we find?

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The founder of Greenpeace left in the 70s because Greenpeace was co-opted by people who wanted to use the environment as a catalyst for destroying corporations and bringing socialism to America. This has been an ongoing theme infecting the environmentalist message for a long time.

I'm ignoring the climate change denialists because we already agree that they're irrelevant to the conversation (outside of making policy change difficult in DC). 

I agree that not all geo-engineering solutions are complete and that we definitely need more research in this area. Check out the geo-engineering company I linked before--they're treating the problem directly by pulling CO2 straight out of the atmosphere. I have very little faith in our ability to get meaningful change from government emissions mandates, so I'm putting my faith into technology, whether it's this one or some other one, I don't think science will let us down.

Ben, Now we get to your real issue, 

"people who wanted to use the environment as a catalyst for destroying corporations and bringing socialism to America."

Do you really believe citizens speak out because they want to "destroy corporations" and instill "socialism"? 

Do you really believe there is a conspiracy of citizens to overcome all corporations  and USA's form of government? 

NO! that is not what people want to do; citizens

* do not want to destroy or instill anything except better living conditions, recognize the value of those who labor,

* affirm that women who raise children "work",

* confront lies, cheats, bullies, thieves and those who take money from taxpayers illegally. 

How dare you imply that I accuse decent corporations and reasonable laws as evil. I said no such things and I resent your interpretations of my words. I feel disgust and want no more of your foolish nonsense. 

@Ben I am disagreeing with your reading comprehension problems with Joan's post.

I comprehended her post just fine, the problem was that her post didn't make a coherent argument:

I said climate change is NBD. She comes back and says, tell that to the Indians that settled here BCE who had to die/move because of climate change.



So You are saying the white man settled here  still in BCE?  Who knew?  Which makes your answer far more nonsensical then hers.

I guess you missed the obvious exaggeration... 

I'll explain the joke even though it will kill the funny: point was that what happened or didn't with Indians was well before any time period relevant to man made global warming.

To answer the original question about this letter from ex-NASA personnel - I agree with what's been said regarding their lack of expertise in climate research and the political reasons for this letter coming out now. I don't think they've necessarily done this out of personal gain but I do believe they are being exploited by the conservative right and Big Oil. Combine both of these and finding 49 ex-NASA employees out of thousands, many from previous decades, such as Apollo astronauts, to sign a letter isn't difficult. Now the anti-science and pro-denialist members of Congress have a false argument from authority to use during budget and election time.

Jessica, I like the way you stated the case perfectly. 

Thanks Joan!


The original question by “God” was,

“I wonder what the motive of these 49 NASA JSC ex-employees is?”


As I observe the photos and the reports from glacier and weather specialists, the evidence is clear, glaciers are melting all over the world, glacier density is thinning, water levels are rising, temperatures are rising.


Do you have disagreement with these facts? 


What motivates do “49 former NASA employees” have to write their letter?


“We, the undersigned, respectfully request that NASA and GISS refrain from including unproven remarks in public releases and websites. We believe the claims by NASA and GISS, that man-made carbon dioxide is having a catastrophic impact on global climate change and not substantiated, especially when considering thousands of years of empirical data. With hundreds of well-known climate scientists and tens of thousands of other scientists publicly declaring their disbelief in the catastrophic forecasts, coming particularly from the GISS leadership, it is clear that the science is NOT settled.”


A. Let us imagine for a moment that glaciers are melting, sheets are thinning, water is rising, and temperatures are rising.


If you agree these things are happening, let’s further imagine humans have no part in causing these changes. What are we to do?

1. Nothing?

2. Argue about causes?

3. Study to discover what the consequences will be to our lives and lifestyles, and to our economy, and begin to make plans in preparation for the expected event?


B. Let’s imagine for a moment that glaciers are melting, sheets are thinning, water is rising, and temperatures are rising and it can be demonstrated that humans participate in the cause of climate change. What are we to do?

1. Nothing?

2. Argue”

3. Get busy and make some changes.


I brought up the abandonment of Native American sites pre-European arrival and archeologists believe Native populations were forced to leave because of long droughts. There is no sign that Europeans had been there at the time of the evacuation, nor were there any burial sites of Europeans there. The natives could not grow enough food for their growing populations and had to find better conditions.


The point of all this is the reality that Mother Nature is fully able and willing to bring on climate change all by herself with no help from humans. Therefore, it seems to me we better find out what is happening, start planning and doing whatever is necessary to prepare.


It is not the ones who prepare for what might not be happening, it is change in weather that is the cause of disruption. This disruption will cause great hardship and cost a lot of money. What will it cost if we fold our hands together, bow our heads, pray to a spirit that no one sees, hears, smells, tastes, or feels and wait for things to reveal themselves to us?

You liberals who are saying the ice is melting and the ocean level is rising, will you please be quiet until after I've sold my ocean front land?

I will truly appreciate your silence for a few more years.

How about a set of pontoons on your house; it might not work for the chimney, and you might end up in the middle of the Pacific in the garbage dump. Ya, I think we should be quiet and let you enjoy your not being aware. 




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