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I am sure that some smart astrologers will 'predict' otherwise in the interim, lot of publicity+ is bestowed on them, the world regaining faith in THEIR system. The scientists have again been proved wrong. Life continues.

I think one of the problems with these newer predictions of the rapture and end of days is that they are becoming more in the public eye with the advent of the internet, and thus more open to public ridicule by atheists and others.  Also note: the promoters of the 21 May event have gone a LOT more public, with billboards and websites.

I will be curious to see what the fallout is post 21 May, 2011, especially since the man made that prediction also made one targeting a date in the 1990's.

I went to all the Christians that I knew and offered to look after there pets that were about to be left behind, for a small fee of course. No takers
Unfortunately is seems that end of the world speculation and/or events just enforce people's beliefs, what ever they may be. Religious people will continue to take no real action to make the planet a better place; they would still waste energy and time asking/praying for some magical salvation instead of taking action themselves in this lifetime (the only lifetime anyone can "prove" exists since we are all here in it right now). I could only hope that all of the religious nuts that have used their beliefs to fragment humanity and downgrade logical thinking are "raptured away" as they claim, leaving the planet for those of us who are sane.
Ha!  If the religious were capable of rational thinking they wouldn't vote for the crooks they put in office just because they repeate religious dogma.  No-- they'll just come up with some silly excuse and ignore reality...
I think it's mostly new agers who believe in this. Their belief in anything is so wishy washy that it won't faze them a bit when nothing happens. In that regard, I actually respect fundies more. You can pin down what a fundy actually believes.




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