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No. People have been predicting the end ever since we could make complete sentences. The fact that these things never come to pass hasn't changed people yet.
LOL this is only the latest of end of the world predictions. The looneys will just start looking for the next one.
Though it may lead some people to atheism, I don't think it will be any spectacular change.  In fact, I won't be surprised at all if many people find some way to blame science and scientists for their fear of 2012 in the first place (History Channel, I'm lookin' at you).
Probably not.
On the other hand, if I live past the age of 2012 years old, I may start to consider theism. But even then, only briefly before rejecting the idea.
If you live to be 2012 years old you should probably think back to whether you repressed the memory of someone making you into a vampire!
No. There are actually very few who truly believe the 2012 scare, and they will simply find something else to be scared about.
Nope.  It will come and go, and they will just change the Armageddon date to something else.  Same as always.

thats what i figured :/ WHY CANT THEY JUST STOP MAKEING EXCUSES!! lol

because they want to scare us into believing in their bs
When people are firmly convinced that the world will end on a specific date, and then it doesn't - they decide that something saved the world. In one case the members of this cult were congratulating each other for hte "fact" that their faith and purity saved the world! This came up during the section on Cognitive Dissonance in Psychology classes way back in University.

Besides, it will be easy for non-Mayans to dismiss the 2012 Mayan calendar thing that they are taking so seriously now, and Mayans don't believe that nothingness follows the end of the world but rather that it is created anew, as it has been several times in the past, so they won't have any issues with surviving it.
yeah....I doubt it. The religious have become rather stubborn in their faith. Most will probably just say that human error caused a failure in interpreting their god's plans for the "end of days".




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