The biggest outbreak ever of Ebola is occurring in the African country of Sierra Leone and surrounding areas. There is no known cure nor vaccine to combat it and it kills about 90% of the people who contract it. Today it was announced that the lead doctor in the fight against it in Sierra Leone has contracted it himself supposedly despite wearing full protective clothing. Nurses in one town have gone on strike after three nurses in their facility seemed to have died from it. The incubation period can be up to 21 days so it can be spread weeks before the carrier appears to be sick.


Update: A second doctor has been infected (an American) but in Liberia.

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I'm sure it would be a horrible way to die, and no vaccines against it right now. Highly contagious and nobody can do anything. As usual, the theists can pray to god, then when the scientists finally discover how to treat this disease, it can be said that "god guieded them." I feel sorry for those who die from this.

I second that.

That's really sad.


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