Oh NO!!!! Surely you must mean the Congressional Flunked Science Committee

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That's shameful - they are obviously ignorant about science.
I love the surprised cat!
It's so cute!

Scary that these are the people running the country...

A visit to their website (http://science.house.gov/) reveals that their concerns focus on a very partisan campaign against the President. It seems to me that they shouldn't be able to use the .gov site to publicize highly partisan opinions instead of the business of the committee. Featured on this government website are articles from extreme right publications, notably the Washington Times. No other viewpoints included.
One specific criticism of Obama is the administration's planned increase in climate research rather than weather prediction(No cuts to weather). Per Chairman Hall, it is far more important and down to earth to improve prediction of storms in order to protect lives and PROPERTY (Emphasis added by me) than it is to funnel taxpayer $$ into climate concerns. He and his ignoramus ilk on this committee suffer from severe head up their arses syndrome. Meanwhile global warming crises grow relentlessly.




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