Must confess, I have been at best only peripherally aware of Michelle Thaller and her efforts to convey NASA's doings to the general public.  Luckily for me, the following video showed up in my feed this morning and on a whim, I decided to have a look.  Turns out, Ms. Thaller is a clear and concise communicator and conveys very well not just some of the reasons why climate change is for real, but the less-than-helpful reactions she's gotten from some of those to whom she's communicated that message.

Please give a listen to the following and know that someone at NASA is on the ball.

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Loren, is it OK if I post you comment as stated with this video on Facebook?

Please do Joan, with my compliments.


I listened to it on YOUTUBE, as I usually do, so I can give it a thumbs up if I like it, and I very much did like it.  She's a great communicator.

On YOUTUBE, I made the comment "Thank you Michelle.", then I saw that you said the same.

I hope Thaller and other scientifically literate people survive Trump's budget cuts.

Extremely well put. She definitely speaks for me. She summarized the culture every scientist in this country faces every day. We are intentionally cast as emotionless, villainous people out to destroy faith in god, mom, apple pie and Gaia for no reason. We are viewed with suspicion, invalidated and devalued at every turn. Our findings are always compared to the wisdom of some talking head personality of an actor, priest or politician. As Ms. Thaller said, the real stories are ignored in favor of Aztec prophesies and ancient alien outright lies. Scientific literacy in this country has become a joke. Our citizens pat their own backs about their "technology"  while they are barley able to punch the buttons on all their e-toys. They spend all day yowling into their electronic gizmos accomplishing nothing more important than do howler monkeys in the trees at dawn. We are in the midst of a crisis of reality denial and science denial. If we continue in this manner we are asking for disaster on a scale beyond human comprehension and it will be only what we deserve as pay for our stupidity. That is certain.

I'm too tired to watch now, I'm looking forward to seeing it when I wake up. Considering all the glowing recommendations here.

John, I personally have never been so disappointed and disillusioned with America as I am now. The people have spoken and the results are alarming. I'm less concerned with the person of Trump than with the phenomenon of Trump. That our supposedly enlightened and educated society has willfully and consciously taken such a huge step backwards gives me little reason for hope, at least for the near future. In that context, it's no surprise to me at all that such a large percentage of the population doesn't believe climate change exists. Hell, they don't believe evolution exists. With such rampant, wilfull, pervasive ignorance in play, we're going to need a crisis of unforseen magnitude, perhaps when it's too late, to get people to stop denying the truth and face it.

Unfortunately, Ms. Thaller is "preaching to the choir". Plus, deniers have ear plugs in. Rather than listen to experts give their spiel, the public needs to see the evidence. They need to see the comparison of Glacier National Park "before and after" photos, for example. Fox viewers are hopeless idiots. All the Thaller-type speeches in the world won't change their opinions.

I, unfortunately, have to agree Randal. That's the point. Centuries pas and "bread and circuses' are still the only motivators for the masses. 

I'm not quite so pessimistic, guys.  Events like these are a little like debates.  No one may change Matt Dillahunty's or Sye Ten Bruggencate's mind, as Matt himself has observed, but there are those in the audience with their ears and minds open who may be stirred to action.

The hard cases will always be a problem, but they're not the only ones listening.

This woman rocks! I wanna go work in her office and help her do this.



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