I saw this article and it reminded me of just how little we grasp the capabilities of other creatures. 


I wonder what other innovations a few hundred generations of evolution would bring to these species?

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The moment they evolve opposable thumbs, we're screwed :P
Dont worry, Im sure they'll keep some of us for pets :)
Hell, most of their domestic cousins already do!
That is indeed cool.

One of my cats, Puma (aka 'Good Lord Your Jaws Are The Size Of A Volkswagen'), is a HUGE manly-man tabby, but when he wants something from me, especially at feeding time, he has the squeakiest, tiny-baby-cat meow. All housecats have different meows and sounds for different purposes. I wonder if his 'baby' meow is literally that; either consciously or unconsciously designed to mimic that of a youngster in need in order to prompt a maternal "I'll take care of you" response?
I dated a girl like that...




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