Yet another goodie from YouTube which I stumbled on this afternoon.

Suffice to say, everything and I mean EVERYTHING I had previously thought about Neil deGrasse Tyson was not only confirmed but enhanced and celebrated with the playful interaction between Neil and Steven Colbert, who at least attempts to conduct this interview.

Yes, it is a long piece, but it is SO worth your time, particularly the Q&A at the end of the video and particularly the last question and Tyson's comprehensive answer to that question.  Please take the time to watch this ... and if you aren't wearing a smile not just from the humor but from the excitement that Tyson has for his field of science and for science in general ... well, I can't help you!

I CAN help you get to the meat of the show, though: skip to 6:15 to get to the business at hand.  ENJOY!

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Loren! This was splendid! They had me laughing and thinking so hard my head and stomach aches. A great find! 

Utterly agreed!  I don't care how much you know or don't know about science.  If you can't enjoy this interview, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!

I love it when Dr. Tyson gets on a roll tearing non-science a new a-hole.

No kidding!  He does it with brio and he does it with THE FACTS ... and he's liable to make you laugh even if you disagree with him!  Tyson is SUCH A HOOT!

I have the greatest respect for Dr. Carl Sagan, and now that he is gone, Dr. Tyson more than fills the void. Dr. Tyson has earned more respect from me than Dr. Sagan did.

And as I hear it, Tyson is set to do something akin to an updated version of Cosmos.  I ... Can't ... WAIT!!!!

Gilligan's island. LOL.  

He was on NPR's Science Friday today and was his usual fascinating self. 

Simply put, the most brillant man in any room he is in. He explains things that a non-scientist like me can actually understand. Splendid!

Wonderful!  Thanks for posting this Loren.  I've loved science all my life, but I learned several new things from Neil in this video.

I watched this quite a while ago and I have to say that it's the best Tyson interview I've ever seen!  I love that he paid special attention the the little second grader (I think he was second grade) when the boy asked about colliding black holes.  I thought that was probably the most fascinating question in the whole interview!  Kids are amazing little thinkers!  The fact that Stephen Colbert was the interviewer just made the whole video, I think.  Colbert is a funny guy IMHO.  Tyson's pretty funny too!

I am so glad that Tyson is in the position he's in, where he can work with kids and adults alike and they can all benefit from his comprehensive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm.  I'm probably going to have to watch this again, just for the refreshing quality Tyson and Colbert's conversation has!

Scientific America blog had a great post about Tyson and Pluto this weekend if you want a funny take on why he wanted to demote Pluto.


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