Yet another goodie from YouTube which I stumbled on this afternoon.

Suffice to say, everything and I mean EVERYTHING I had previously thought about Neil deGrasse Tyson was not only confirmed but enhanced and celebrated with the playful interaction between Neil and Steven Colbert, who at least attempts to conduct this interview.

Yes, it is a long piece, but it is SO worth your time, particularly the Q&A at the end of the video and particularly the last question and Tyson's comprehensive answer to that question.  Please take the time to watch this ... and if you aren't wearing a smile not just from the humor but from the excitement that Tyson has for his field of science and for science in general ... well, I can't help you!

I CAN help you get to the meat of the show, though: skip to 6:15 to get to the business at hand.  ENJOY!

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I just now watched it again and still get goosebumps. Both men are so agile and quick with ideas and humor. Loren, this is always a winner. Thanks




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