Neil deGrasse Tyson - Comments before the Senate Commerce Committee, Regarding the Future of the US Space Program

It seems to me that Senators and Congresspeople must be trained in the dubious art of ignoring wisdom ... because if they could listen to what Dr. Tyson says here and NOT be moved and motivated into action, then I have to wonder what it is that moves them at all.

Dr. Tyson has a lust for knowledge and learning which is both enlivening and infectious, even in the dry atmosphere of a Senate committee meeting, and I would love to join him in recapturing the excitement and sense of discovery which were the early days of NASA, because that IS where the future lies.

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Maybe we could give it a good, honest try. There should be a few, maybe many, who ass-kick with good aim and power. 

  Each new piece of evidence is another drop in the bucket.  Each drop has the capacity to change someone's mind.  The more "okay" we make it for people to think on their own, the more quickly the secular movement will grow.  There are believers out there - lots of them - who totally agree with our secular government views.  It will be a LONG time, I think, before we make any headway, even if we "go get 'em" and work really hard to make things happen.  If we don't work hard, it'll take that much longer.  

  Greta Christina, in her book, says "Coming out is the single most effective political action a godless person can take. ... It's how we become a political force to be reckoned with."  If we can keep convincing people to do that, we'll see what our numbers really look like.  If people understand what we stand for, we dis-empower our opposition.  Right now, they have the loudest voice.  We can change that simply by doing things like sharing news stories, blogging, mentioning little facts that get people thinking.  For example, I told a xtian friend of mine, who has a degree in early childhood education, about the lack of regulation enforcement in religious day care centers.  I didn't talk about it a lot, but I brought it up and got her thinking.  That's another drop in the bucket.

  We have truth on our side.  This is the real truth, not some theist's definition, but provable, testable, repeatable truths.  If we can be a voice and share that truth with anyone who will listen, we can become a strong force for people globally, as well as locally.  You don't have to be out on the steps of the White House to be an activist.  If we all help to add drops to the bucket, no matter how small, it can only be a good thing! Each drop will add up to change someone's mind just like each penny saved will eventually add up to a dollar.  It's simple math...

So very true, Nontheist Central.

A few words telling theists we are here say more than hundreds of words to each other.

I love your comment. Have it posted as an inspiration and hope of more progress, and being part of it.  

Thanks. I shared that.




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