In addition to cholesterol an additional risk factor for heart disease and stroke has been preliminarily associated with red meat and egg yolks.  Each of these foods when digested  is supposed to produce a substance called choline.  When choline is further digested a substance is supposed to be produced that is used by the liver to make a chemical known as TMAO. Preliminary test results indicate that independently from cholesterol the presence of this chemical in the blood significantly increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Chicken, fish and egg whites are not mentioned as sources of TMAO. Per the article:


To see the effects of TMAO on cardiovascular risk, the investigators studied 4,000 people who had been seen at the Cleveland Clinic. The more TMAO in their blood, the more likely they were to have a heart attack or stroke in the ensuing three years.

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All I can say is that I used to be a patient of Dr. Atkins when I lived in NY.  When I go on the diet now, I get the same results.  Low cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides.  I can only speak for myself.  

I believe that these tests can be flawed and many are geared towards the results wanted by certain food companies.  We are now learning that instead of fat, sugar and high carbs may be the enemy.  We also know that low fat foods replace fat with sugar and starches.  Most processed foods have hidden sugars, corn and wheat, since these seem to be addictive substances.

All that being said, I have a friend who is 54, 110 lbs, and eats whatever he wants.  I just know what works for me.

My grandfather lived to be 95, drank bourbon, smoked, and ate a high fat diet.  I have high cholesterol and have to live frugally as far as food is concerned.  Where did those good genes go?

depends on your DNA and weather you burn. . . i mean exercise.. ; P
what do you function better after eating/drinking? that's a great question aye?
seems like even millionaire stars are going whole food style.. can't blame em'
could blame corporations though for cramming soda, gook, slop and cardboard-like meats down our guts for so long. sheeh! ; P

cage free eggs (if you can afford em', best)
personally i break yoke everytime for quicker cook in stick free wok. yep. peace!

I can't have eggs or rather egg yolks.  I really don't care for just egg whites except in meringues, divinity, etc.  The egg substitute is so-so.  Like Bob hope said, "I get my exercise going to the funerals of my friends who exercise."

ha! banana banner just popped up...
odd.. i'm unable to post /upload images anymore.. oh well .. glitch on anexus behalf?

Choline is an essential B vitamin, although it's possible that people who eat a lot of red meat and eggs get too much of it. 

After learning of this independently, I discontinued my Acetly-L-Carnitine /Alpha Lipoic Acid regime. My diet already has no egg yolk or red meat. But within a few days my energy level was quite low. The supplement is supposed to help molecules cross the mitochondrial membrane, improving mitochondrial function in the elderly. So I went back on it.




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