Newly discovered antibiotic kills pathogens without resistance

Posted: 08 Jan 2015 09:48 AM PST

For years, pathogens' resis­tance to antibi­otics has put them one step ahead of researchers, which is causing a public health crisis. But now scientists have discovered a new antibi­otic that elim­i­nates pathogens without encoun­tering any detectable resistance -- a finding that chal­lenges long-held sci­en­tific beliefs and holds great promise for treating chronic infec­tions like tuber­cu­losis and those caused by MRSA.

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Yes, this is pretty awesome. They plan on modifying these germs to soon produce toxins that can kill gram positive germs more effectively too. Apparently it's more effective against diderms; but yes, this is very exciting. It may take between to 3 to 5 years before human trails "officially" begin. :-) I'll looking closely at these developments. Thanks!

3 to 5 years for trials to begin. I might not last long enough to benefit.

Very good news! 




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