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For some reason my link didn't show up so it's here
Does anybody know if the seed banks being built have any special focus on the endangered species of flora?
I may be mistaken, but I believe the one Bill Gates is involved with has.
I don't know what the priorities of the banks are but I would guess that endangered plants would be high on the list. Another emphasis is on the preservation of the wild seed stocks (to maintain the diversity of the gene pool of the species)
Cool idea actually. My sister used to be hugely into tropical fish. She was part of a club that specifically raised endangered fish for this very purpose.
Saving endangered species by having them adopted and raised and/or bred is certainly one way of preservation.
The only indigenous wild dog extant in the US is ­ the Carolina Dog, also known as the American Dingo and the Yellow Dog (which I'm convinced is the origin of the term “Yellow Dog Democrats” but that's another story).
The dog's range is reduced to the So. Carolina swamp country and human encroachment posed a serious threat to its survival. There is now several organization devoted to the dog and a sizable number have been adopted.

The next dog I get I'm going to try to get a "Yaller Dawg"
Beautiful pooch. I'll take one!
You can get breeder information and history here
Was "Old Yaller" a Yellow Dog?
If I recall the movie correctly - then no.




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