The Second law of Thermodynamics is the Ultimate God killer and anyone that tries to argue for God's existence based upon it does not understand Entropy.

God, in the universe, has an entropy of high order; S=1 or lower order; S=1+. Non existence is as low an entropy there is; S=0. The BB has an entropy of S=1/0 which approaches infinity; S=.000000000000...1 but never S=0. Since God with entropy S=1 has a higher entropy then S=1/0 it cannot effect the BB without the use of mechanical device which implies material existence before material existence which is a violation of the second law. God with a lower entropy then the BB would have to have an entropy of S=0 which is impossible since that implies non-existence and thus God does not exist.

But what if God is not within the universe? How can the second law account for his entropy?

It does not matter whether god exists within the universe or not. This does not affect the necessity of his having entropy. If god is in a state of high order, then he has low entropy; S=1 minimum for existence. If god is not in an ordered state, and thus in a disordered state, he has high entropy and cannot effect a lower entropy state. If he is neither in an ordered state nor a disordered state, then god has no properties and thus, HE DOES NOT EXIST!

Or is my logic flawed?

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Moot point. 

The laws of thermodynamics apply to closed systems.  We cannot, at this time, prove that our universe is a closed system.


Arguments for a creator, invariably, point towards the delusional individual's personal pick from the vast array of imaginary sky daddies.  They always start with a false premise.... and they are bat-shit crazy.

Many claim that God is outside the universe, and since as Apeman Jim stated, we can't prove the universe is a closed system, it is hard to make those type of arguments (although I'd think the definition of the universe could be formed as a closed system...)


Additionally, it is possible for a god to have any or no entropy state, for as a supernatural being we'd have no way to state whether or not a god was subject to entropy.  All science goes out the window when you start positing real supernatural entities.

The universe, as far as I am aware is curved or at least that is where the CBR seems to point. If that is the case, does that not point towards a close system? If God exists outside of the universe, does that imply it has a lower entropy then S=1/0? Is not the law of thermodynamics, as far as we are aware, inviolable? Considering and assuming the existence of a sky-god of some sort, he would have to be more complex then that of it's creation implying more disorder then the universe. Perhaps it is my inability to completely comprehend the idea of infinite. The problem with the supernatural is that, what is super to us, is just natural to to it there for subject to the laws of what ever god created God's natural order and so on and so forth. Infinite regression is a bitch, and that is inviolable. Anything able to create a thing must either have a creator or is subject to an evolutionary process and thus a natural entity and not supernatural.




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