Evidence just emerged proving 4 decades of toxic chemical lies, fraudulent science, and EPA collusion - with serious implications for public health. Here's one sample.

“Poison Papers” and Major Monsanto Document Release Exposes Toxicit...

... this treasure trove of evidence, “lays out a 40-year history of deceit and collusion involving the chemical industry and the regulatory agencies that were supposed to be protecting human health and the environment.” Among the alarming revelations, a document from 1985 showed that Monsanto had sold a chemical (santophen) that was tainted with TCDD (dioxin) to the makers of Lysol, who, apparently unaware of its toxicity, used it as an ingredient in their disinfectant spray for 23 years. Dioxin was a contaminant in Agent Orange that caused major health issues. Monsanto’s analytical chemist, Fred Hileman, testified that Monsanto knew that Lysol is recommended for cleaning babies’ toys and for various other cleaning activities involving direct contact with the human body. Hileman testified that he knew people who used Lysol were contacting three parts per billion of 2,3,7,8 and that 2,3,7,8 is extremely toxic. There was no dioxin warning on the Lysol package. The Papers reveal Monsanto chief medical officer George Roush admitted under oath to knowing that Monsanto studies into the health effects of dioxins on workers were written up untruthfully for the scientific literature in order to obscure health effects. [emphasis mine]

[text from article]

Guys, you might want to read about the spermicide-contaminated antibacterial soap, linked to testicular atrophy.

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Man ... whatever happened to Due Diligence?

I just followed the above link and found that there are serious problems with another Monsanto product, the very popular herbicide called Roundup. I just sprayed the weeds in my patio with Roundup 2 days ago! We need better oversight and regulation!

Yes! I'd heard of problems with Roundup before -- also in connection with Monsanto selling "Roundup-ready" crops as seed, and suing farmers who let those crops propagate naturally instead of replanting with newly purchased seed; also how the modified plants sometimes spread beyond their intended fields....

Regarding Roundup.

Please see https://www.baumhedlundlaw.com/toxic-tort-law/monsanto-roundup-laws...

If you enjoy seeing butterfly's  that rely on milkweed don't use Round up.

One of the biggest scourges, waste of water and pollutants  in suburbia is people thinking they need to 'maintain' lawns to pretend they have a manor in England.


Thanks for the information about Lysol.

I wonder how many people gargled with it - in slight reference to Listerine which is a cleaning product remarkeded/rebranded as a way to eliminate 'Halitosis".  Halitosis is a term  made up and  'coined' by Listerine as  way to expand their product base.

I've spoken with  people outside of the U.S. who say "You Americans Stink like perfume"

A friend of mine had a garden in his front yard.

The neighbors hated him for not conforming to the perceived rule that a mowed lawn was in accordance with community standards.

The standards should change.  In drought ridden California and other places in the west in my opinion watered manicured lawns should be forbidden.  Increased water costs and incentives offered locally to remove laws should help.

Does that mean that those with the means (money) should be able to have a manor that looks like a golf course?

Further it's unfortunate how little is put forth about the hazards of Glyphosate in general news media.  A University in Germany studied the distribution and found it's prevalence worldwide.  If it matters even people in the Himalayas have it in their system.  

When was the last time you heard a frog croaking?

Something even worse than concrete is artificial grass/lawns.  That's being marketed as an alternative to 'conform with community standards.   Leaf blowers for some reason and the noise pollution that goes along with them  has become acceptable (the norm).

I object to all of that.

I'm thankful that most of my neighbors plant and allow native plant species to grow and thrive without much maintenance.  Many of my neighbors property looks natural  though one of my neighbors have people attend their yard - I wouldn't call them landscapers - after many complaints the maintenance workers only use the leaf blowers four hours once a month as opposed to four hours every week.  Their reply when I complained about the leaf blowers was  we've had these maintenance workers for fifteen years why are you complaining about it now.  She said other people also use maintenance workers on their yards.  To which I replied perhaps if your yard maintenance workers purchased a new muffler for the leaf blower it wouldn't be so bothersome.

Fortunately that problem has settled down after negotiation.  I thought it would take less time for them to use a rake and said every leaf doesn't have to be removed when they work.

I explained something about Wabi Sabi meaning that its natural for leaves to be on the ground.

Getting back to Lysol.   A toilet is for dedicating in not drinking out of. It doesn't have to be that clean.

Please see the link to xeriscaping to see how artificial it looks.

Some of the sample images look offensively artificial, but others look great to me.

Agreed about noise pollution from yard maintenance! That impinges on neighbors' quality of life at least as much as the yards' appearance.

...A toilet is for dedicating in not drinking out of...

Tell your autocowreck that I'll pass on those rituals! :)  (And tell the dogs who can't resist literal eau de toilette!)

(Vaguely related: "Holy shit! Much holy water contaminated with fecal bacteria")

I discovered when I moved to Canada that I was not sensitive to tobacco smoke as I had always assumed. I was sensitive to perfumes, something I had already known but never associated with cigarettes..

Bergen, I have been fighting against Roundup for several years, even as I was a heavy user of the chemical in my garden. I went to my local garden stores and asked them to take the product off the shelves and gave them reports of evidence of its dangers. Please spread the word to your family, friends, and neighbors. I don't know what more we can do to stop its use. 

Due Diligence is for ethical companies, and interferes in maximizing profits. Since companies in the US don't even reinvest in their own infrastructure because it would eat into profits (even hough doing so would actually increase future profits) I can't find this even remotely surprising. It's no more shocking than learning that religious leaders abuse children - how can anyone be shocked by such an obvious and inevitable outcome?




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