I'm sure you all have heard about Dr. J. Craig Venter's accomplishment namely creating the first synthetic life. 

I would like to know what your opinions are about this accomplishment. How will this accomplishment affect our world? What sorts of cures, advancements, dreams, and hopes will come from this new knowledge?

Just in case anyone missed the announcement, here's the YouTube video:

Can we atheists use news like this to deconvert theists? This accomplishment has awoken such wonder in me. Is it the same with you?

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"This modified version of the naturally occurring bacterial genome looks like the real deal to microbiologists, only DNA sequencing would expose it as synthetic, Venter told The Wall Street Journal.

Indeed, it is the first self-replicating, synthetic bacterial cell. More importantly, this discovery could be used to fuel the alternative energy sector and enhance vaccine development.

Once you accept at the fundamental level what Venter’s synthetic cell has taught us about what life is, the potential industrial applications include producing algae that could consume carbon dioxide and produce oil.

Microorganisms “have the potential to provide all the transportation fuel we need in the U.S.,” Venter told Businessweek. “I joke that I’m going from the gene king to the oil king.”

This translates to a potential jackpot of money. Not surprisingly, Venter filed a few patent applications for his invention.

After DNA was removed from a bacterium, Venter’s team inserted it with synthetic DNA — and it replicated with more than a billion copies. This self-replicating ability is critical to life.

This is a big deal because it fundamentally shows that life is the result of chemicals reactions — all you really need is a computer, a bacteria, a DNA synthesizer, and four chemicals."


So, it has the potential to create a carbon dioxide loop. The synthetic algae will consume the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and we will harvest the oil the algae will produce and use it to drive our vehicles and in effect put back the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Zero net energy.

What about genetically altering food products like rice, wheat, corn, cassava, etc? That could allow us to feed the 9 billion people that are projected to be here by 2050.

What about curing certain forms of cancer? Is that possible with this technology? If so, when should we hope to hear something?

Will the technology allow us to live longer and healthier? If so, how much longer? Decades? Centuries?

Will we create wild things like plants that provide bio-degradable materials for the walls, floors, insulation, windows, doors, roofing tiles, computer parts, car parts, eye glasses, china ware, silverware, toilet paper, paper and cloth towels,  disposable phones or handheld computers, pace makers, synthetic skin, repairable nerves, and tons more.

Should people be investing these firms that are leading the way?

Am I wrong to be so excited?

Thanks for the quick response.


Hello cane,


Again you have shown your intelegance. To sum up your post you are the grain of sand inside an oyster that causes the formation of a pearl. You do have your pistion in life.


  In my lifetime science has moved too fast 3 times and the conquences were great;


1. DDT; It was the first pitfall for science as i see it. The half life of DDT was too long. The last I knew they were ???capping off every water well in the state of Iowa ??? (unconfermed , coffee shop talk amoung men who i trusted). Now chemical desiners make chemicals for ag. that break down in as little as 3 days.


2. Nuclar engery; Chernobyl , now Japan, but suprizing enough I am for nuclar engery now that we have it started.

3. genitic alterting plants and animals; This is a very big item much bigger than most all people

realize! Once that altered gene gets lose into the enviorment, boy, like monsanto. I lived 100 miles downstream from a Monsanto plant. I caught a frog with a leg growing out of the middle of it's back!! I found out later thanks the the burlington iowa hawkeye news paper artical, that Monsanto,  they just flushed the bio material as they called it, down the drain! ( ??1970??)The govermant made a big mistake by first approving the release of these genitic altured plants then, the second mistake they allowed lisensing of these plants! Gene alturing plants more so than animals is like tooth paste once it gets out of the tube it is very hard to put it back in the tube. It will eventchally in time infect every gone ome of its spicies, with no possable way to reverse the effects. It is basicly a lack of respect for evolution and possable the exchange of bride money for the politains, I deeply supect. 

  These men in your supplyed video are on the cutting edge of big money, not the cutting edge of true science as we are use to. ( the polio vac seam ) Something should be done to stop them quickly before it is too late!!!

   Keep up the good work little pearl and we shall build a better world without superstition, where logic and reasoning will finally end many of our problems for a kinder gentler world.

 your friend charles defrates

Hey Charles,

Have you read much about "genetically engineered" plants? Do you know that humans have been genetically engineering plants for millennia? Do you think you can find wheat, corn, rice as we know them in the wild? I think you are spreading false fears and I do not agree!!!!




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