I've asked before, but never seem to get anywhere...

Whenever I watch shows like "The Universe" and "How the Universe was Made" and "Through the Wormhole" and so on, they always mention, and sometimes play, sounds from different objects in space. I remember one episode playing the sound file of what a black hole might sound like.

I'm not completely sure of the process to get the sounds (you can't hear a scream in space, after all), but I think it has something to do with converting radio waves or light waves or some other kind of waves to sound waves and playing those back... or something...

What I do know is that I want these sounds. I do have some of the sun, a quasar, Saturn's rings (so dang cool)... even the Big Bang itself. But I know that more is out there. I've already heard what a black hole might sound like from of those space shows, but I can't find anything outside of YouTube, and I'd rather have non-MP3 files, to be honest. I'd love to get a sound file of a supernova, more of the sun, and I heard yesterday on YouTube what the earth might sound like from space:

(He does link to where he got that sound file, but the link is dead).

Does anyone know of a website that collects all the different sounds that have been produced from waves, preferably in an uncompressed format like .wav?

Please help...

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They don't have any of the sounds I'm looking for...

Interesting and unexpected. That was the big bang? http://staff.washington.edu/seymour/BigBangSound_2.wav

I know, right? Surprised me, quite frankly.

I mean, it's probably not an entirely accurate representation of what it might have sounded like if sound waves could've traveled within a medium from it (I imagine it'd be a hell of a lot louder, for one thing... millions of times louder than any lifeform could actually handle). But I bet it's the closest we'll get to getting an idea of what it could have potentially sounded like.

I highly reccomend this:


It consists of the electromagnetic recordings of the planets, as recorded by Voyager, transcribed into audio.

It is also available on Itunes, if you're into that, and is *totally* worth the money.




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